Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crock Pot Chili

I like meals that don’t require a lot of thinking. 

I love dinners that I can start in the morning and forget about for the rest of the day.

I heart my crock-pot! 

Since I stopped eating meat (this past spring) one of my regular go to healthy meals has been crock pot veggie chili. 


I get a box of fresh local produce every week from my local CSA. I have been doing this since June (and it runs until October 21st).  It has really helped us consume a lot more veggies as I try to use them all up. 

Sunday I made a big batch.  All the veggies I included were from the basket, including the giant cranberry beans (never heard of them before they showed up in my box).  The only thing I added were 2 other cans of beans and some veggie broth. 


In addition to the above I also added tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, and squash.  Sometimes I also add kale but left it out this time hoping maybe my kids would eat it without the “green stuff”.  Nope. 

Once you add the liquid (I usually add about 4 cups) all you need is about 1.5Tb of chili powder and 2t of cumin. 

Add your favorite side (I rotate corn bread and rice, although I made beer bread to have with it this week), turn on the crock pot and walk away until dinner. 


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  1. never seen cranberry beans either! I love this time of year, the whole chili/soup for meals. I'm going to have to add this to my rotation!

  2. I just saw Cranberry Beans at the store this week and I didn't know what they were.

    I love my crockpot too!

  3. Those cranberry beans look really good. Maybe you'll make this again for me :)

  4. I hate to cook. I have a great crock pot that sits on the kitchen counter. I got it so I could do just what you suggest. Thanks for bringing that to mind. It's moving up on my list of things to do:)