Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My rebellious stomach...

I have been having a lot of problems with my stomach lately.  Nothing new, I've experienced them before...but it's been a long time. 

Now I am dealing with daily mild pain and not so mild bloating, occasional heartburn and just feeling overly full/heavy.  I've gained almost 10 lbs, and I work out and eat right (most of the time).  So I shouldn't be gaining so much weight.  It's frustrating after working hard to get my weight down and having kept it down for almost over a year and a half. 

I will ask a couple doctors about it, get my thyroid checked and whatever else they want to do.  I just want to feel like my "normal" self again. 

My husband and I are still going strong on the P90X.  We are in week 4 which is a "rest" week which really just means an extra day off and less weight lifting exercises.  So our schedule this week looks like this:

Monday: Rest (not intentional but we took it Monday instead of the scheduled Thursday)
Tuesday: Core Synergistics (45 minutes of push-ups, ab work, and lunges/squats).
Wednesday: Kenpo (cardio martial arts)
Thursday: Yoga (which we were supposed to do Monday)
Friday: Cardio  (an hour combo of Astanga Yoga, Kenpo, and Plyometrics)
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: Rest or stretch

The yoga workout is 90 minutes, but I always stop after 45 so I can head to my Thursday morning Pilates Reformer class...this week will be the same. Not sure how much of the yoga I will do this Saturday either as I am heading out at 7 am to do one more long training walk before the half marathon October 2.  We will try to go 9 or 10 miles (I did 8.5 this past Saturday and it was pretty easy for me!). 

Hope you are all having a nice week!


  1. That is really weird about your weight! I hope you get it figured out.

    I have to say getting older is making losing weight so much harder...it's really frustrating.

    Are you running the half marathon?

  2. i have those same issues....off for another endoscopy next week to see what my esophagus is doing...

    do you know boho girl {the blog}
    they plan on moving to bellingham next year and have a little guy that's not quite two and she's boho and a healthy eater and i think she would love you....

  3. Good for you and your hubs with the PX90...I'm so curious about that. Really have to look into it. Hope you have luck finding out what's up with your stomach issues...

  4. Found your other blog! Getting older and gaining weight go hand in hand. I'm an expert on how to deal with that. Not only am I certified as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant but I'm also VERY OLD lol. I'm going to be sixty and if you look at my website GetRealFit.org that photo was taken when I was 59! I work at it. I had to change the way I eat and exercise. I have to do more exercise at a lighter exertion because I really am old. I had to cut back on my calories and eat more often. I refuse to go down easy. I plan on staying strong until my last day on this crazy earth. You hang in...you'll get to your goal.