Monday, September 27, 2010

This is what a weekend alone looks like:


A little blog hopping (and tweeting).


A start to the Halloween decor (the mantel is all I did, the rest will wait until it’s actually October!)


Music, loud and lots of it.


Rolled out the new entry room rug.


Fashion show!  I mean, I cleaned out my closet!!




TV time (I watched the season premiere of The Biggest Loser and the movie The Back Up Plan).


Hmm…….will have to move some stuff before I can go to bed. 


Dinner of champions!

I had a very nice weekend at home all by myself (my hubby took the kids to Eastern Washington for the weekend).  In addition to the above I also made sure to exercise both Saturday and Sunday (50 minutes each day on the elliptical), and SLEEP!!  I got all my regular chores done too.  I enjoyed my time, but am glad to have everyone back home now. 

Today it was back to the P90X.  Week 6 so nearly halfway finished.

And I am walking a half marathon this Saturday!!!! 

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  1. I can't even imagine what I'd do with a whole weekend alone.


    Did you like The Back Up Plan? The Biggest Loser made me cry so I'm looking for ward to this season.

    That Stacey Ballis book is on my list!! Do you like it?

  2. wow, you were productive! Love your new blog....and good luck in your half!!!

  3. I had three hours for myself Saturday and it was glory for me, imagine a weekend.

    So glad you had a great time alone.

    PS: I didn't know you have a second blog.

  4. I feel like a jerk. Somehow your blog got moved into a folder in my Google Reader that hardly ever gets read. I didn't know you had this blog. But now I do..... LOL

    Glad you had a good weekend by yourself. I know it was enjoyable but you still missed them. Was the Back Up Plan good?

  5. great for you to get some alone time!!!walking a marathon this weekend!!!you go girl!!

  6. Looks like a wonderful weekend!! I am still doing the P90x when I have time. Going to grad school and working a full time job doesn't leave much for exercise. But I try to sneak it in whenever possible!

  7. What fun! Is that book any good? It looks interesting!

  8. Hi! I'm up late "blog hopping" lol. I'd never heard that term before you used it. I joined all the groups you shared with me. This is FUN! I love seeing what women are up to. Thank you so much for sharing that information with me:)

  9. Now that sounds like my kind of weekend!!!