Thursday, October 21, 2010

My week

My abs are sore today.

And not from working out.

I have only worked out 3 times in nearly 2 weeks.

No, my abs hurt from coughing my guts out yesterday.

I have been sick since October 8th.

I can only assume that I perhaps had TWO bugs that hit back to back.  Otherwise this is one long cold and the worst has been by far this week.

Thought I would capture a picture of my meds this morning:

I got the inhaler this past Saturday when I went to the doctor.  I didn't go for my cold - I had woken up that morning with a bladder infection - but I am glad to have also gotten an opinion on my cold.  He thought I sounded a little asthmatic and that an inhaler might help my breathing.

The white pill is my antibiotic for the bladder infection.  Almost done taking those.

The 2 red pills are Sudafed.  The clear pearly one is called a tessalon pearl, and is supposed to help suppress the urge to cough. 

The three horse pills are mega-cold vitamins, and the last is my trusty acid reducer.

I am looking forward to being done with most of these very soon.

My husband has been great, and has even moved into another bedroom allowing both of us to sleep a little more peacefully.

However, this morning he woke up with a stuff nose.


And how is YOUR week going? :)


  1. those kind of colds are the worst that get "stuck" in your chest and just seem to set in. I hope the inhaler works. It is so hard to work out when you are sick and then you get out of the routine. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Ugh, it sounds just like the cold I had last March or April that literally lasted a month. I will hope that yours does not. You will be back to working out in no time. Take the time to be well!

  3. lol that is a nice mix of colorful meds/vitamins. Sorry you're not feeling well. I can imagine your chest is sore with all that coughing. I hope you and your family will all be better soon. I can imagine you're hubby wasn't happy when he woke up with a stuffy nose.

    Great to see you on Facebook!

  4. Tessalon perles are the BOMB! I couldn't live without them when I get the cough you are dealing with. And the albuterol is a life saver. The last time I was as bad as you, I could breathe almost immediately (so maybe I have an asthma component, also? I know when I exercise in the cold, I get wheezy. More like bronchitis, though). Anyway, I hope you are feeling better soon. I so feel your pain.

  5. UGH!! hope you work out all these ailments least your abs are getting a workout!

    I just read your thanksgiving decor post, that is hilarious!

  6. Wow! Tough week!

    I have a new puppy so it's been doggie war at my house lol. My other two dogs are retaliating and my new pup just wants to be part of everything but at high speel lol. She has so much energy! I wish I could grab some of it.

    I should send some your way to help you fight all the bugs that are attacking your sweet body!