Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That’s a load of turkey!

Last year, while thumbing through the Wisteria catalog I came across a decoration that I thought would be perfect for Thanksgiving:


Isn’t it cute?

Here, straight from the Wisteria website is the description:

“Having this quirky little wooden turkey figurine around your house during Thanksgiving will be sure to spark conversation in between bites of your delicious Thanksgiving meal. Handpainted, so color may vary.

  • Festive décor
  • Handpainted
  • Looks great anywhere in your home”

Here are a couple more pictures:

image image

I thought this “quirky little wooden turkey” would be just what my first home-cooked Thanksgiving needed!

But…..I went to order it and it was not to be found.  I assume it was sold out.  Bummer.

Cut to 2010.

Again, Wisteria is selling the turkey. 


I had to have it.

Perfect for my fireplace mantel.

So I ordered it.

Took a while, but finally, on Monday, it arrived.

And OH MY FREAKING HECK check out the size of the box it came in!



This turkey is huge.  No WAY is it going on my mantel.  No way is this the “quirky little wooden turkey” I was expecting.

Moral of the story: Next time you get an idea about where you want to put something you plan to buy for your home…


be sure to check the dimensions first!


Now, the furniture in those website pictures must be giant sized..isn’t it a titch deceiving?

Regardless, it’s cute and I’m keeping it.

On the floor. 

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  1. Well, at least the box is fun to play with :) And the turkey is very, very cute regardless!

  2. That is sooo funny. I would have totally thought shelf size as well. But the giant size is fun and can make for some creative decorating and fun photo-ops.

  3. Great story...and a very good looking Turkey.

  4. That is too funny. I would have loved to see your face when that box arrived. :)

    Seriously...that furniture must be monsterous in the ad!

    He is a cute decoration :)

  5. He is HUGE but very cute! Weird about the photos on the website, maybe they sell it in multiple sizes? (love how you used your son to show us the size!)

  6. How funny!!! It's taller than your son!! Hahaha!! Lesson learned, I'm sure. But he is adorable! Glad you're keeping it!

  7. Oh my gosh! That is SO FUNNY! I imagined it would have been smaller too haha. I agree, the floor is the best place for it. So festive :) Your fireplace is gorgeous

  8. Wow! That's quite a mantel piece you got there. Now...what are you gonna make with that box?

  9. This post made me lol. So funny! At first I thought you were going to see that teeny tiny turkey came in an enormous box (a pet peeve for me), but the real version of your story is even better.

  10. I see TWO turkey's in that one picture.

    That is actually a little scary.....being that big. :)

  11. Funniest thing I have read in a long time. LOL!

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