Monday, January 31, 2011

January Recap

Here it is the end of the month already, that means time to see how I did with my January goals.

Goal: Exercise 4-6 days per week

Grade: A+...only last week did I do 4 days.  All the other weeks were 5 and 6 days of working out a week. 

Goal:  Eat a cleaner diet (no alcohol, dairy, caffeine, meat, artificial sweeteners, excessive sugar)

Grade:  B-...Had a glass of wine January 22, another January 28th and another January 29th (and that was more like 2 glasses).  Had a couple evenings "out" where my eating included dairy and sugar.  Overall I feel like I did pretty good.  I even turned down birthday cake a couple times! 

Goal: Read 3-4 books

Grade: A+ I read...

Unbearable Lightness by Portia DeRossi
Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter both by Jeff Lindsey
Crazy. Sexy. Diet.  By Kris Carr

Goal: Lose 5 pounds

Grade: C-...I didn't lose any weight.  I get a C though because I did everything I could do, eating right, not eating too much, exercising.  My husband lost 12 pounds though!!  

Goal: Clean up the mud room/office area

Grade: D...While I might have "picked" it up here and there I haven't tackled the massive clean/up and organization I want to do in this room.

Goal:  Cook 10 dinners I haven't made before

Grade: C...but I came pretty close.  I made:

Easy as Pie Stir Fry
Brown rice "oatmeal" with coconut milk, raisins, and cinnamon (breakfast)
White Bean Tarragon Soup
Sweet Potato and Leek Casserole
Black Bean and Yam Tacos
Seasoned Steamed Veggies with Quinoa
White Bean and Kale Soup

If you're setting goals, and/or working towards a resolution or two, how did you do?


  1. Don't you hate it when the guys can lose weight but we can't? Hate it. I set a goal that I wanted to make a new recipe every week. I think I might have made two new recipes and then I forgot all about my goal until just now. LOL

  2. Wow, give yourself an "A" for effort. Those were amazing goals, and I'll venture to say you did better than most people would! Especially with the healthy eating. And you gotta love men. Grr! :()

    Don't worry, your office will eventually get so bad that you'll be forced to get it orgainzed. And on that happy though...!

  3. You did so much better with your goals than I did.

    Can you give us some reviews of those book? And recipes you liked? Cuz you have tons of time and stuff!

    So are you technically a vegan?