Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Currently....January 17th

Listening: To Phineas and Ferb on the TV (which I turned on to buy myself a few more minutes before the kids want to go outside to play).

Eating:  I just had a smoothie with Vega powder.  Supposed to be vanilla chai flavor but it tastes a little yuckier than that.  I made it more palatable by adding fruit.  But I just consumed all the vitamins and minerals and omegas and probiotics that I need today. 

Drinking: Just finished my smoothie and some green tea.  Trying to drink tea since I like the taste way better than coffee.

Wearing: black long johns under skinny jeans (which fit in my boots easy enough), white tank, grey sweater. 

Feeling: Tired because my son woke up last night scared and I had to go get in bed with him and it took well over an hour for him to go back to sleep (and this was at around 2 am). 

Weather:  SNOW and lots of it.  No school today!

Wanting: More tea.

Needing:  A nap later.

Thinking: Been thinking a lot about stuff I want to do, buy, organize, decorate, furnish around the house.

Enjoying: Having another day with really nothing to do.   Oh, and Pinterest rocks! :)


  1. I love pinterest. I actually have been slacking on catching up on Facebook as I have been using my alloted computer time for Pinterst ;)