Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm back with an update!

Well, after a wee little break I am trying to get back into the swing of things.  I am hoping to spend more time in the very near future getting this blog back on track.  I have so much I want to start blogging about - Crossfit, diet, recipes, etc....I just need to get organized and do it!!

Thought it would be entertaining to update my Project 52 and see where I am at after 4 months of neglect.

Updates are in red, crossed out if completed.

1) Buy a juicer.
     I want one.  I had fresh juice last weekend and it was SO GOOD! 

2) Stop buying so much stuff.
     Yeah, this is pretty vague.  I just had my annual whirlwind school clothes shopping trip with my girls.  It was rather spendy.  I have gotten enough gentle nudging from my husband that I am trying to be very aware of what I buy and only get what I truly need.  And also, don't take the kids shopping with me.  Anywhere.

It's not hard.  I just need to pay more attention.    

3) Make homemade crock-pot applesauce.
     Can't believe I haven't done this yet.  Almost apple season so I will be on it.  SOON.

4) Read 30 books (16/30).
      I have not been counting.  I would guess I have read about 10 more books since the end of March.  Including Gone Girl, which was really twisted and so so good!  

5) Watch 5 movies in the theater that are NOT kid movies. (3/5)
     I was at 0 in March. Since then I have seen The Hunger Games, The Avengers, and Snow White and the Huntsman.  

6) Run 4 5ks. (1/4).
      I ran the Fun With The Fuzz in April.  However, the desire to do 3 more has kind of drizzled.  I'm doing Cross Fit now and I love it and I haven't been running as much (unless we do it at class).  

7) Resume working out first thing in the morning 4-6 days/week.
      I hate it but I love it.

8) Try hot (Bikram) yoga.
9) Practice more mindful eating.
      I need to get back on track....been sort of lapsed since our vacation.  In April.  That's a long lapse.    

10) Plan more 1 on 1 time/date nights with the kids.
      Not "planning" them outright, but we are definitely getting our individual times in with the kids. 

11) Schedule regular date nights with my husband.
      We didn't get to do this as much this summer as I thought.  But still, we have had plenty of date nights.  Just not on any kind of regular basis.  

12) Get living room tables (coffee, 2 consoles, and maybe a small end table).

13) Get a new dining room table and buffet.

14) Hang pictures/artwork in the house.
      Why am I so lazy about this???

15) Make something crafty, not food related.
      Why am I so lazy about this???

16) Plant a small vegetable garden.
      Not going to happen this year. 

17) Take the kids camping.
     See notes above. 

18) Get a tattoo (maybe).
      Ixnay on the attoota.

19) Keep my hair long - don't cut it except for trims!
     So far so good, but I can't say I haven't thought about cutting it.  

20) Visit my cousin Nicole when she is in Prague.
     My cousin must go back to Prague so that I can think about visiting her.  :-)

21) Use all my gift certificates/cards.
      I should really schedule that massage.....

22) Have more family movie nights at home (0/ )

23) Be more active with the kids (more walks, bike rides, etc).

24) Take a gun safety class.

25) Go to the shooting range.

26) Go to my 20 year high school reunion (yikes!).

27) Blog more.

28) Redesign my blog(s).

29) Get a new living room area rug.
30) Get a bike and all necessary gear.

31) Get a new elliptical.
      LOVE IT!

32) Spend time learning about Photoshop Elements.

33) Take a photography class.

34) Go to the Farmer's Market at least twice a month (when it's open).

35) Go to a Seahawks game.

36) Learn how to French braid.

37) Get family pictures taken.

38) Get microdermabrasion treatments.

39) See a chiropractor for my neck/back.

40) Clean out clutter and organize messy rooms.
      This is a work in continual progress.

41) Buy new towels for the master bathroom
42) Paint the master bedroom.

43) Redecorate my fireplace mantel.

44) Buy and hang frames that showcase Hannah and Eli's artwork.
      They are purchased and currently hiding under my bed.

45) Go to a live concert (ADELE are you listening???)
      Adele hasn't taken the hint yet, but Madonna has and we have tickets to see her in September!

46) Take Hannah to a musical.
47) Watch all 7 Seasons of The Closer on DVD (2/7)

48) Enroll Macy in a driving class so she can get her license this summer.

49) Get semi-regular massages. (2/?)

50) Plan an overnight trip with some girlfriends.
      I've had 2 such trips!

51) Take a bath in my bathtub (sounds simple enough, yet I've never done it).

52) Update at least once a month of how my Project 52 is going (2/12)

At least I have been able to cross a few of these off the list.  The summer has been going by very quickly, and it hasn't been as "summery" here as we would like.  But, thinking good thoughts about August!