Friday, August 3, 2012

Bod Pod

Before we start our clean eating/sugar free (did I mention that you can’t have artificial sweeteners either?) fat loss challenge at CrossFit we have to determine our “before” measurements. 

We used a machine called the Bod Pod to do this.  They have one up at the University in town and it was super easy to call and get an appointment. 

The Bod Pod is defined as :”BOD POD: A method for determining the lean body mass. The BOD POD is a computerized, egg-shaped chamber. Using the same whole-body measurement principle as underwater weighing, the BOD POD measures a subject's mass and volume, from which their whole-body density is determined. Using these data, body fat and lean muscle mass can then be calculated.”

And it looks like this:

Like something out of Mork and Mindy, right?

Anyways, you go in and give them your height in inches and then you get weighed before you enter this lovely chamber.  The test only takes about 30 seconds (so if you’re claustrophobic it’s not too bad), but you have to sit very still.  After the first test they do one more to make sure the results aren’t skewed.  And if it’s good, you’re done. 

Then you get your handy dandy printout showing your results.  This is the chart they gave me to help us understand our numbers:


Having never done something like this before I had no idea what to expect.  I have a scale at home that “measures” your body fat and always tells me something in the 36% range.  But I wasn’t sure how accurate it was. 

My result: 23.8%.  I’m “moderately” lean!  Woo hoo! 

However, I don’t FEEL moderately lean.  My jeans are telling me I have some work to do. So I am really excited to see how I do during this challenge. 

We officially start August 6th and it runs for 35 days.  Then we go back to the Bod Pod for our “final” results. 

So Mickey, get ready, it’s on and I’m gonna kick your tail.  Smile


  1. You are brave to share your results. Well, if those were mine, I'd share them too. Now I want to get that done! I'd be interested to hear about what you're eating (or not) and drinking (or not) during your cleanse!

  2. Ps Is Mickey willing to share his results? :)

  3. No sugar would be so hard for me. I do not eat a lot of refined sugar but I do love my honey and maple syrup :)