Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Paleo Challenge: Day 2

Yesterday was day one and it went pretty well.  I pretty much started with the food a week ago (save a few glasses of wine and one piece of cake) so it really was pretty easy to transition.

Not sure if it's the weather, working out a little less, the diet, or a combination but I seriously have NOT felt any major hunger pangs for well over a week.  I am typically ravenous for my lunch by noon and lately it's 1 or 2 before I eat and often it's just because I need to eat something, not because I'm that hungry.  So unusual for me to feel this way - will be interesting to see how that continues to go this month.

I haven't been to CrossFit since last Thursday.  I took Friday off and Saturday I went running.  I got a keratin treatment applied to my hair Saturday afternoon which requires me to keep my hair straight and dry for 72 hours.  Which means no working out.  As I type this though I am almost to that deadline.  Can't wait to shower!  And, of course, to get back to CrossFit!

But I HAVE been keeping my abs in shape.  Along with many other super-strong, awesome ladies at my box (feels weird to call my "gym" a box, but that is what they say in CrossFit) I joined in on a 2 week challenge posted at the Women of CrossFit Facebook page.  The challenge was for weighted abs, and however  many "likes" they got on the post was the number we had to do by August 16th.

They ended up with 2,376 likes.

That's a lot of abs.  Averages out to about 183 a day so that is what I am trying to keep up with.  I did double today because I am trying to get ahead a couple days since I will be out of town this weekend.  For my reunion.  My 20 year high school reunion.  Le sigh........

Needless to say my abs have been super sore.  And, I might have made a mistake the first day and done my abs in denim capri pants instead of putting on workout pants.  So I MIGHT have gotten a wee bit chafed on my behind.  And it might hurt like hell a wee bit when I do sit-ups.  Or sit.  Or shower.

Will be challenging to avoid temptations this weekend, but this is a competition and I want to 1) see if I can do it for myself and 2) beat my husband Help my team WIN!  :-)  I'm feeling very positive about it.  Even if I don't know who is on my team yet.  Gotta get down to the gym box to find out.  :-)

34 days to go!


  1. That's gonna be some serious ass rash with all those sit-ups!!! LOL

  2. OWY OWY, that sounds a bit painful but wow go go go on those abs, taht is a lot to do!

  3. How many sit-ups???

    So is it boys against the girls or is he on a different team?