Friday, January 18, 2013

Workouts: Week of January 14th

I am starting my week from a Monday, but usually I will include the two weekend days prior to that if I worked out those days.

Saturday 1/12:  Elliptical 1 hour

Sunday 1/13: OFF

Monday 1/14:  Crossfit

We started the class with a warm up and lots of shoulder mobility work.  Our WOD was FRAN.

Thrusters (45#)
Pull-Ups (green band)

My time was 8:38.

Tuesday 1/15: Elliptical 45 minutes

Wednesday 1/16:  Crossfit

For warm up we rowed and did a partner jumping series called Junkyard Dog.

A: 12 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute)

     Front Squat - Started at 55# and ended at 105#

B: 6 minute EMOM

     Power Clean - started at 55# and ended at 80#

C: 3 RFT (rounds for time)

     15 overhead squat (just used the bar (35#))
     15 push ups

Rest exactly 4 minutes, then:

D: 3 RFT

     15 burpees
     15 pull ups (grn band)

I did C in 5 minutes and D in 9:03.

Thursday 1/17:  Elliptical 45 minutes
I am SORE today!

Friday 1/18: Crossfit

Rowed 500M for a warm up then we did snatch progression work.

A: 4 minute AMRAP

     10 power snatch (45#)
     30 DU's

Rest 4 minutes then

B: 6 minute AMRAP

     10 power snatch (35#)
     30 DU's

Rest 4 minutes then

C: 8 minute AMRAP

     10 push press (55#)
     10 toes to bar
     10 push ups

Have a great weekend!

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