Friday, January 25, 2013

Workouts: Week of January 21

Weekend:  I went to Seattle with Mickey and our friends Matt and Erin.  We had a blast.

I did not work out, but we walked a lot in Seattle.

Monday 1/21:  CrossFit

A. 3 sets
     Halting clean dead lift
     Hang clean + clean (65#)

B. 3 sets
     5 Touch and go power cleans (65#)

C. Back squat
     3 reps at 75#
     2 reps at 85#
     2 reps at 90#
     1 rep at 100#
     3 reps at 85#
     3 reps at 85#

D.  3 sets for max # of repetitions
     1 minute push up
     1 minute double under
     1 minute push up
     1 minute rest

Set 1: 60 reps, Set 2: 61 reps, Set 3: 66 reps.

Tuesday: Elliptical 30 minutes
              At home Crossfit Workout:
For time:
     30 push ups
     40 walking lunges
     50 kettle bell swings (15#)
     60 crossfit sit ups
     70 burpees

Took me 16:57.....most of which was spent on burpees.  Going to try to do this same workout once a week or so to improve my time.

Wednesday 1/23: Crossfit

Warm up: Row 500 M, Dynamic ROM stretches

A.  3 sets
     muscle up progression (6-8)
     GHD sit ups (15)
     Handstand walk

I don't have a handstand walk so I skipped those.

I'll be honest.  I don't even have a handstand.  Scares me.

B. 3 sets
     5 dead lift (85#)

C. AMRAP 3 Minutes:
     6 burpee box jumps (18" box)
     9 dead lifts
     12 push ups
     (I did 1 round and got to 6 DL of the next round)

Rest 3 minutes, then:

     AMRAP 4 Minutes:
     Same as above
     (I did 2 rounds)

Rest 4 minutes and then:

     AMRAP 5 minutes:
     Same as above
     (I did 2 rounds plus 5 burpee box jumps)


Thursday 1/24:  Elliptical 40 Minutes

Friday 1/25: Crossfit

Warm up: 21-15-9
     KB Swing
     Goblet squat
     Do reps with a light KB and don't stop.  (18#)

A: 5 sets
     2 Front Squats (95#)

B: EMOM for 8 Minutes: Snatch (35# - 50#)

C: 5 Sets for Time
     5 Squat cleans
     10 Pike Push Ups (on a tall box)
     15 Pull ups
     20 wall balls (10#)

Supposed to rest 3 minutes between each set but we were pressed for time and nobody did it.  I rested about a minute and it took me 20:38 to complete all 5 sets (counting rest).  This was a hard one, my body is pretty tired from working hard all week and the pull ups did not want to happen!

3 weeks of good health and consistent workouts....I'm happy!


  1. I don't know what a lot of that stuff means.....but You Go Girl!

  2. There may have been some running in Seattle that weekend as well.