Friday, February 8, 2013

Workouts: Weeks of January 28th and February 4th

Catching up.

Due to illness (stomach flu) I only worked out once the week of January 28th.

Friday: February 1: Crossfit

Warm up: 21-15-9
     KB Swing
     Goblet Squat
     Light weight, unbroken

A: 3 sets muscle up progressions
     10-12 handstand push ups (I do them piked on a tall box)

B. Jerk progression, build to heavy weight

C. EMOM - 3 Rounds
     10 Shoulder to OH
     10 Chest to bar pull ups.

D. 3 sets for max reps: Ring dips

Week of February 4th:

 Monday February 4th:  FAIL..... A little too much festivity during the Super Bowl on Sunday.  :-)

Tuesday (2/5): Workout at home:

     Elliptical: 30 minutes
     5 Rounds for time:
     15 Push ups
     20 Sit ups
     25 Squats

Took me 12:47.  Too long but I was tired and nobody was yelling at me to keep going.  :-)

Wednesday (2/6): Crossfit

Run 400M
Group Warm up

A. Build to heavy dead lift:  I reached 125#, a PR for me.

B. 3 RFT

     3 DL (125#)
     5 pull ups
     5 ring dips (PU's and RD's are a mod for muscle ups)
Time: 2:52

C. For total reps (count calories on row, total # completed on rest)

     Row 2 Min
     2 Minutes of HSPU (I did pike push ups on a tall box)
     2 minutes wall ball 15#
Total: 80 reps

D. For total reps

     Row 2 minutes
     2 minutes double unders
     2 minutes ring dips
Total: 120

Wednesday: LADIES NIGHT!

Bonus workout today since it was ladies night at CrossFit:

5 rounds for time with a partner:
     100 M sprint
     5 burpees

I think are total time was about 8:30.

Thursday (2/7): Workout at home

     Elliptical: 60 minutes
     205 air squats
     100 sit ups
(I started a squat challenge for the month of Feb.  Since I started a few days late I have to do a few extra to catch up).

Friday (2/8): Crossfit

Warm up: Run 400
               Dynamic Range of Motion exercises

A. 3 sets not for time:
     HS walk
     L sit (30 sec)
     10 pull ups

B. Work on front squat to jerk (65#)

C. 3 RFT
     15 HSPU (done on a box)
     30 KB swings (26#)
Total: 4:13

D. 3 RFT
     10 shoulder to overhead
     50 double unders
Total: 6:30

Also: 110 air squats

I am super sore from all the squats the past couple days.

I signed up to do another food/diet/fitness challenge.  Starts 2/16...EEK!

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  1. So what is the challenge??? Inquiring (nosy?) minds want to know!